Our Tools

We’re developing tools that make modern analytics capabilities available to communities of all sizes, without the need for teams of data scientists and engineers. Our tools are designed to fit the unique needs of local governments and their partners, and give users of all backgrounds the data-driven insights they need to better serve their constituents.

Civin's tools combine user-friendly interfaces with a modern data stack that leverages the most popular open-source tools for data storage, processing, and analytics, deployed on a reliable, high-performing, and cost-effective cloud-based infrastructure.

Core Platform
In order to better meet the needs of our local government clients and partners, we developed a new and more accurate methodology for reaggregating publicly-available data to fit non-standard geographies such as public works districts, police precincts, and neighborhoods.
Our Data Explorer toolkit is designed for local governments and enables users to easily find, analyze, visualize, and export relevant data about their communities. (Currently in beta.)
Data Explorer
Reaggregation Service
By leveraging proven machine learning technology and delivering the results as managed services, we can help local governments transition from reactive strategies to proactive approaches in mitigating risks such as building fires, vehicle crashes, or foodborne illness. (In development.)
Risk Prediction Modeling
We can work with clients to develop custom-tailored solutions to their unique challenges. Whether it's a simple dashboard, a data service API, or a complex AI-driven application, we'll give you what it takes to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with the quality your community deserves.

Custom Tools and Services