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Why the Civin Platform is a game-changer for local governments

Civin’s design reflects the hard lessons learned by local governments over the past decade. Pioneering cities like Boston, San Diego, New York, and Chicago showed others what local government data could do, but to get there, they had to invest millions of dollars building their own data infrastructure and tools. That's just not possible for most communities, so the benefits of data-driven government are out of reach for most Americans.
Purpose-built for local government
We’re here to change that. The key insight that drives Civin: most communities’ data needs are similar, so nobody should have to start from scratch. The types of data that are most important are quite similar across communities, and likewise, most communities ask the same questions of their data and build the same kinds of tools to use it. So while a one-size-fits-all solution wouldn’t make sense, it’s also crazy for every community to go it alone.
Designed around communities' most common needs
With Civin, we’re taking the common data challenges that every community faces and creating a best-in-class toolkit that’s flexible and easy to build on. This will empower users to focus on what’s really unique in their own communities, and bring analytics within reach for those who haven’t even been able to get started.
Enabling users to focus on what matters
Data Explorer
At the core of the Civin Platform, our Data Explorer toolkit enables users of all skill levels to quickly find and analyze a wide range of freely-available datasets from government sources (e.g., Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, EPA) and third parties (e.g., Zillow, OpenStreetMap, Uber).
A Wide Range of Data Sources, All In One Place
Effortlessly look up one or more values for different statistics, geographies, and timeframes with only a few clicks. These values are displayed in a table, and can be saved to a file for future use or sharing.
Explore Trends Over Time
With the Data Explorer's Trend Charts view, a few clicks generates actionable charts and tables. Users can quickly explore data across geographies and timeframes, to identify trends and track progress over time.
Map What Matters
Our mapping tool lets users pick a dataset and plot statistics on a map for various levels of aggregation, both within their community and across the region. No matter a user's technical skill level, powerful maps can be generated in seconds.
Understanding Relationships
Visualizing patterns across multiple variables is simple with the Data Explorer’s Comparison Tool. Users can compare data across geographies to get a better sense of how key datapoints are connected.
We'll soon be expanding the platform to support non-public internal and third-party datasets, solutions for specific use cases, custom geographies, and more advanced analytic capabilities.

If your organization is interested in becoming an early user, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will get in touch.

What's Different
Delivered as an easy-to-deploy managed service, so communities don’t have to worry about maintaining their own infrastructure
Pain-Free Deployment
Pre-loaded with valuable data from the U.S. Census Bureau, OpenStreetMap, and other third-party providers
Built to fit the needs of both data analysts and subject matter experts, to make data accessible for everyone
Designed for Accessibility
All the tools you need in a single platform that’s flexible enough to handle a wide range of use casses
Simple Yet Flexible
Designed by civic data experts to fit the specific needs of local government
Made For Your Community
Key Features
Unlimited potential to extend the platform with third-party tools and services
API-enabled sharing of data and analysis with other applications
Robust protections for data privacy and security
User-friendly data analysis, visualization, and mapping tools, with expert-designed templates for common use cases
A scalable, secure, and reliable repository for all types of data
Automated integration of key data sources - everything from internal 311, CAD, finance, and HR applications to external traffic feeds and real estate metrics