Our Services

With years of local government experience and data science expertise, Civin enables communities to get the benefits of a top-tier analytics program without the cost or time it would take to build their own. We work with clients to discover new insights and perspectives, with the speed and precision of a team that’s done these things before.

For common needs, we use standardized processes and templates to deliver quality results faster and more cost-effectively than would be possible starting from scratch.

We currently offer the following services as standard packages:

  • Service equity analysis
  • Workforce equity assessment
  • Algorithm and AI risk management
  • Program impact evaluation
  • Data audits
Standard Packages
Custom Services
Our clients also leverage the Civin team to expand their own capabilities and bandwidth, particularly when they need occasional or short-term access to specialized expertise.

Some of the areas we can particularly help with:

  • Strategic planning for data programs
  • Building internal analytics capability
  • Data policy development
  • Support for data program compliance
  • Custom data analysis and engineering
To learn more about what the Civin team can do for your organization, click below to get detailed descriptions of the services we offer or email us directly at info@civin.co.