Introducing Civin

Data analytics has the potential to revolutionize local government, strengthen service delivery and generate millions in revenue and cost savings. Yet most communities don’t have the time, money, or in-house analytics expertise to build their own analytics tools, and off-the-shelf products aren’t designed to fit their needs.
Public data is vast and hard to sift through, while internal data can be siloed and left unshared across departments. Civin’s Data Explorer is putting public data relevant to local governments in one place, with the capacity to securely add your own internal data so your teams can easily access the data and insights they need to become data-driven and take their work to the next level.
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Our mission is to fix this.
Founded by the former Chief Data Officer of the City of Boston, Civin is giving local governments of all sizes user-friendly data and analytics tools and services.
We partner with local governments to build the analytics tools they need to promote efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability across their operations. From preventing fires and crashes to finding lost revenue and wasted spending, there are millions of dollars to be saved and millions of lives to be improved.
Our team of data and analytics experts helps civic organizations of all kinds develop strategies and systems that drive decision-making and maximize impact. We are hands-on partners who work with your team to solve problems, discover opportunities, and deliver lasting results.
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